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Topic Advertising and Marketing
what is negetive marketing  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: ajith |  May 15,2007
Is Advertising neccessary?  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: shanthi |  May 15,2007
People look for advertisement or quality?  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: priya |  May 17,2007
Who company spends lots of money on advertisement in India?  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: jamuna |  May 17,2007
what is most innovative advertisement you came across.  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: sagar |  May 18,2007
which is the most expensive thing?  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: padma |  May 18,2007
Advertisement companies should be brought under a Regulatory Authrity  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: magesh |  May 27,2007
One day, if government bans advertisements for all the products,what will the producers do? What is the correct replacement for and ad?  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: jeevan |  May 28,2007
Which do you prefer: Indian products or china products?  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: vanee |  May 29,2007
Does ad effect in choosing a product  (1 Answers)
Questioned by: shanmugam |  May 30,2007

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